Emergency Wireless  Alarm Buttons

The ControlledCare single push button can be used as a panic button, personal emergency response, or other remote push-button applications. When the button is pressed, a predefined alarm, event or action is generated. The built-in tracking can also precisely locate or track the movement of the button. The wireless signal is supervised, meaning that events will not risk being unacknowledged.

The QI Wireless charging option allow the buttons to be charged as needed, reducing its environmental impact and operational cost over its lifetime.

LoRa version of the Wireless Buttons comes with the standard replaceable lithium batteries. Does not require charging as battery life expectation is from 5 to 10 years.  Also provide positioning, but no visual alerting and no internal buzzer. But are IP65 water resistant, lite-weight, and ultra long distance capable. They are part of the LoRa WAN network, so are expandable, integrate in any old or new NCS system and designed for multi location support, including outdoor GPS tracking.

  • Web Interface

    Buil-in web configuation interface allows for easy setup and programming.

  • Location aware and reporting

    Alarms include the physical location of the button when combined with ControlledCare’s location beacons.

  • Long Battery Life

    20,000-1,000,000+ transmissions on a single battery, and a 4-12-year battery life*

  • Presence and Lost mode

    Automatic wake-up for presence and lost mode.

  • Visual and Audio Alerts

    Visual LED light alarm mode and/or Internal Buzzer for auditory location notification.

  • Internal Antenna

    Fully integrated internal embedded antenna

  • Auto Error reporting

    Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages

  • Li-Po battery and QI wireless charging

    User replaceable battery (Li-42B, 3.7V, 1200mAh) and standard QI Wireless Charge

  • Auto Reporting

    Automatic low battery reporting and supervisory reporting