Care-PBX Appliance

Telephony is a large part of efficiently running facilities, and a robust system is necessary. A system that is expandable, extremely reliable, feature rich and secure.

The product


The telephone system has emerged as a technology that is required in any corporate environment. With the advances in technology, it is now easier than ever to deploy and manage your telephone system. No longer do you need to dedicate a room full of wires, antique machines, and impossible to update hardware.



The module is fully compatible with Control Care’s Event Management System. It integrates with seamlessly and brings a wide array of features to the system. The system has been designed by Vantact, and over 22,000 companies are now running on the exact same platform as this module.


Cost Reduction
Facilities vastly reduce their communications costs by utilizing the telephone system module powered by digital communication lines or SIP trunks. These provide unparalleled features at a fraction of the cost.

One System
Interconnecting several facilities into one system also allows for more efficient and cohesive communication between staff, patients and residents. Staff can reside in different locations and respond as if they are local.

Expandability & Compatibility
Additional devices can be added on the fly without additional costs. The phone system is compatible with a vast array of programs and desktop units.

Auto Detection of new Devices
The phone system is alert of the network and automatically configures new phones or applications as soon as they are connected. Making administration of complex deployments a breeze.

Limitless Devices
The system is compatible with various desk phones, mobile phones, smartphone applications (iOS and Android), personal computer softphones, tablets, and more.

Income potential

Offering patrons and/or residents telephone services could generate a steady income and increase revenue per resident.

Speak with one of our advisors and learn how you could generate revenue by utilizing Control Care’s Phone System module.

Feature List

  • Also know as call queues, allow you to provide on hold music, call paths to your callers while waiting to be greeted by one of your agents.
  • Access your web portal and monitor your staff live, make changes, or calls directly from your browser
  • Interactive voice responders allow you to create greetings and provide your callers a simple way to direct their calls to the appropriate location
  • Keeping you up to date is not only a good price, but also ensures that your employees receive the latest features without any compromises. All devices can be remotely managed or updated with a single click.
  • Annoying callers? Blacklist them, and never be bothered again.
  • Let you know who’s available or on the phone directly from your keypad.
  • Take over a call when things go wrong
  • Forward calls to any destination, including internally, to a phone number, or even internationally.
  • Train your employees by having them listen on established calls
  • Your call records are always stored, and you can access them any time
  • Park your calls so they can be picked up elsewhere with a click of a button
  • Record all your calls for quality, training or safety purposes
  • Teach and train your employees by giving them advice that only they can hear, even on a live call
  • Control your incoming calls based on their caller ID
  • Your cell phone becomes part of your telephone system, allowing you to call out, or pickup calls when out of the office
  • Virtual conference rooms allow you to join multiple callers into one virtual location
  • Let your callers find staff based on their name, and avoid having a live answer
  • Keep your concentration by keeping your calls away when you’re busy
  • Enhanced 911 allows you to set 911 based on your user locations

All communications are completed with military-grade encryption using TLS.

  • Listen to your voicemails directly from your deskphone, Smartphone or desktop
  • Multiple greetings are available for your staff to notify incoming callers of events or pre-recorded away messages
  • Dial extension to extension to any part of your communication system regardless of location or device used
  • Use your phones to allow callers to reach you no matter where you are
  • Work from different desks without compromising your staff presence
  • These roll over calls, allow you to direct calls to one or many employees with a smart queue allowing you full control
  • Your voicemails are important, therefore your deskphone, smartphone, desktop all indicate a waiting voicemails when present
  • Control your calls based on rules such as time of day, person available, or machine learning algorithms
  • Your extension is your presence, with the cloud system you are able to register it on any device, or a combination of devices.
  • Provide your callers with music that you know they’ll prefer, or provide them with advertisements while waiting
  • Automatically change your greeting to night time or holidays
  • You don’t need an expensive amplifier and speaker to be able to page. Use your phones’ speakers to create a companywide message
  • Sometimes it’s easier to visually identify someone, so ask your employees to upload their pictures, and their caller ID will be just that. (Feature available on select phones.)
  • Each one of your users can display their own caller ID or have a single company wide telephone number.
  • Quickly join 2 other callers in a conference call with the press of a button
  • Attended call transfer, blind call transfer, or semi attended call transfer are all available to you with a simple click of the mouse or button
  • Send calls directly to voicemail bypassing the ringing stage
  • Use extra extensions to transfer callers to other numbers or voicemails
  • Everyone needs a little nudge in the morning
  • All your features can be modified instantaneously via the web interface

Further expand your system with ControlledCare Add-ons


Our complete suite of applications will ensure that your system is completely integrated, and all devices complement each other and work in unison. The add-ons allow your system to expand beyond a simple call bell system, to an automated, fully interactive and smart communication system.