Advanced Nurse Call System

A fully customizable and modular solution for Nurse Call Systems joining multiple technologies into one easy to manage solution.

We specialize in these markets

Our clients

  • Long Term Care
  • Assisted Living Care
  • Independent Living

What we mean by modular system


A modular system can be characterized by partitioning into scalable, reusable modules; rigorous use of well-defined modular interfaces; and making use of industry standards for interfaces. In simpler words, add-ons as and when you need them.

Simple installation diagrams

A system that is built with all parties in mind, has to be simple to deploy, manage and support. Our team’s focus has been to keep simplicity a priority.

New Deployments

A new installation is like an open floor plan, your imagination is the only limit. With an incredible versatile Nurse Call System, as well as modular add-ons, Controlled Care can become your one and only service provider.

Existing Deployments

See how easy it is to adapt your existing nurse call system with ControlledCare’s Master Communicator. These type of installs can usually be deployed in relatively short periods of time, and bring immense benefits over the existing systems.

Further expand your system with ControlledCare Add-ons


Our complete suite of applications will ensure that your system is completely integrated, and all devices complement each other and work in unison. The add-ons allow your system to expand beyond a simple call bell system, to an automated, fully interactive and smart communication system.