Wired Nurse Call Solutions

We live in the age of smart technology. There is a piece of advanced technology for most aspects of our daily lives, so it only makes sense to improve and enhance the lives of our Seniors with technology.

With the latest advancements in nurse call system technology,
Controlledcare provide an ideal solution installing fresh new or replacing a variety of old nurse call systems

Our system is unconditionally reliable since wiring is run inside the walls directly to the main panel. As a result, wired call systems never lose connection and are not subject to battery life or radio interference.

Wired systems are best for new facilities when wire can be run at construction, or for facilities that already have wire runs from resident rooms to the nurse station.

Older call panels can be updated with our NCS system, adding live alarms displays of the facility so caregivers can see at a glance where to respond.
Wired version can be deployed with the wireless system as well and work in hybrid mode.

All alarm events send the notifications to the system for storing all events and provide a customized report as needed. By integration with local IP PBX, this system receives emergency calls from any phone in the facility and announces it to pager system and nurse call system.
EMS Event Management Server integrated with facility IP PBX, nurse call panels, room control units and pager alarm system.

  • WI-FI, DECT, IP phone integration.
  • Connected with IP PBX using analogue, IP, BRI or PRI.
  • Warnings can be sent to DECT phones, pagers, mobile phones or phone lines.
  • System has embedded compatibility with the Access Control, Surveillance CCTV, PBX, Fire Alarms< water leaking, video door intercoms and face recognition are fully integrated
  • All transactions are recorded and can be reported as needed.
  • Automated reports, analytics and full activity evidence

System Components