Advanced Input/Output Controller

This advanced controller is designed to manage wired and wireless devices such as bed stations, button stations, pull-cords, water leak sensors,dome lights, and wireless pendants. It creates a fully integrated solution with new and already installed devices such as legacy nurse call systems. ControlledCare developed and pioneered the open standard adaptation model where multiple devices from different vendors can seamlessly work together.

A fully-featured Digital I/O control appliance is an innovative solution for creating advanced logic tasks without the need for scripting or complex integrations. Control, monitor, and log up to 256 inputs and/or outputs using an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface. No additional software required nor programming knowledge necessary.

With its integrated audio input and output, a paging system or a digital annunciator can be deployed with relative ease. Scheduled alerts such as call bells or live messages can be created with a few clicks.

Any equipment that is analog can be digitized and integrated into modern software using this controller. Deployments such as nurse call systems can be inexpensively upgraded to a modern solution with robust clinical reporting, call escalation or other government-mandated requirements.


    Can be accessed from anywhere using any desktop or portable device

  • Local or wide area network

    Compatible with any network segment, wired or wireless

  • Supervision Mode

    Any alarm event is supervised and acknowledged, guaranteeing delivery

  • Scheduler and Reminder

    Embedded features: PA annunciator, event scheduler, and call distribution

  • Multiple sensors

    Any type of sensors, from analog contacts to digital.
    Fire, Smoke, Water Leak, Buttons, Pull and Cord cords etc.