Our Design Considerations

Change can be difficult, sometimes impossible, for those in your care, so we are especially careful to provide devices that fit their needs and abilities. In most cases we leave their current devices in place or upgrade them to more reliable but still-familiar new models.

The Resident’s Interfaces

  1. Buttons
  2. Pull cords
  3. Emergency buttons
  4. Auto trackers – the unseen interface

Upon Activation of an Alert…

  1. Alerts appear on all monitoring devices (see Caregiver’s Experience for these details)
  2. Alerts are escalated according to a planned hierarchy
  3. Only an appropriate response can cancel the alert
  4. All the above are logged for future analysis and reports


In most cases, resident’s will be unaware of any changes. Every effort will be made to avoid disruptions to their routine. Our Installation Section explains how.


  • Reliability

    Every call gets a full response

  • Immediacy

    Responses are faster

  • Reassurance

    Family concerns can be addressed

  • Accountability

    All parties and actions can be reviewed

  • Liability Protection

    Capture and save a complete record of every event