Quiet Installations

Installations are clean and quiet. Residents and staff are not disturbed.

Facility Assessments

A no obligation facility assessment and detailed proposal for all on-site surveys.

System Audits are Coming

Will your facility pass the new mandatory system audits? With ControlledCare, it will.

Our expertise is in our integrations

What we do

Custom integrations for new and old nurse call systems. Advancing obsolete systems

Interoperability between various hardware and software vendors.

A modular system that connects all necessary aspects of a communication system.

Single Source Solution for many needs and integrating multiple technologies all in one.

Eliminate multiple vendor and multiple maintenance contracts and save your money

Our greatest asset is our people

Who we are

We are engineers and programmers first. Our engineers are able to connect complex networks and our programmers are able to offer a simple to use interface to our clients. We believe in equal opportunity and multi-culturalism.

By embracing commodity-based technical products, combined with open standards software systems, we provide our clients with quality solutions that encompass 90% of any businesses technology needs. Why should a business owner have to manage a team of 5 vendors when our in-house staff can streamline these efforts providing simple communication and lower costs with our “Single Source” solution.

Our mission is to work hard, be creative and become a cognitive resource for our clients.


ControlledCare is proud to introduce its next-generation nurse call system with improved features, controls, expanded hardware and software interoperability, all while still exceeding government regulations.

Notifications and Alarms

Notification and alarms over SMS, eMail, Phone Text-to-Speech and Push Notifications

Comprehensive Reporting

Real time reporting and automatic schedule reports.

Live Status Panel

Live status panels display real-time alarm information on different types of displays. From large screens to mobile phones.

Alarm Escalation

Create intelligent alarms with an unlimited amount of stages and escalations.

Wireless Communications

Integrate your existing Nurse Call System with a fully scalable wireless and mobile solution.

Two Way Voice

Communicate more efficiently with your patients with bi-directional communication patient stations.


See how ControlledCare products help different divisions in your facilities.

Administration Experience

See how our system provides powerful insights into better managing, directing and administering your facility.

I.T. Experience

See how ControlledCare can help your Information Technology team.

Further expand your system with ControlledCare Add-ons


Our complete suite of applications will ensure that your system is completely integrated, and all devices complement each other and work in unison. The add-ons allow your system to expand beyond a simple call bell system, to an automated, fully interactive and smart communication system.