Buttons and Cord Stations CCBTS series

The Button Station can be used as a Patient Station, Bed Call Bell and/or Cord Alarm for wall mounted personal emergency response, alerting or special room requests. Buttons generate pre-defined and customizable alerts to the ControlledCare Event Management System.

  • Alarm Buttons and Bed Cord

    From One to Four Illuminated Buttons and Bed Cord interface with Plug-Out detection

  • Wired or Wireless versions

    Long range of up to several kilometers.

  • Location and Positioning

    When paired with ControlledCare Positioning buttons, the Stations can collect up to 2,000 beacons per positioning area.

  • Friendly Web Interface

    Easy self-configuration and provisioning via the built-in web interface.

  • Error Reporting

    Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages.

  • Internal Antenna Boost Mode

    Fully integrated internal antenna Boosted Spread Spectrum Mode

  • Standard mounting sizes

    Standard single, double or triple gang size Wall-In or Wall mount options

  • Battery Supervision

    Automatic low battery reporting and supervisory reporting. (Wireless Version)