THE LED Strobe Light for Telephone, Security, Safety & Emergency Alerting 

The CCVA Visual Alerters are an attractive high-performing LED light that provides visual indication of telephone ringing and notification events where a relay or audio detection are available. The strobe’s flash intensity can be chosen to suit the application and environment. There are non-flashing patterns for passive, gentle notification, and aggressive patterns for maximum conspicuity in busy environments.

Typical Applications are Alerting and Notification.

  • Visual ring alerting in noisy or noise-sensitive environments (e.g., hospital, theatre, church, studio, court room)
  • Lockdown, Security, safety or process control events
  • Door open visual alarm, perimeter escape, intrusion detect
  • Visual and/or Audio notification in noisy environments
  • Silent visual notification in quiet environments
  • Call center queue (e.g., monitor a call threshold via ringing a designated extension)

In healthcare facilities CCVA are used to indicate the location of a call in a room, zone or area.
Also can be used as a stand-by light or direction lane on power outage situation.

Simple installation




  • Alarm is activated via a push of a button.

  • Emergency personnel such as police, fire fighters or other designated people are contacted immediately with critical information and location.

  • Based on predifined zones and rules, doors automtically lock or unlock.

  • Lights flash specific colours indicating to emergency personnel the location of the alarm.

  • Automatic trigger of pre-recorded lock down message over the PA system and/or enable alarm horns.

  • Custom messages are dissplayed on TVs, Monitors or other connected panels.

  • Phones display the lockdown message and play an audible lockdown message.

  • Once emergency personel clear the area, alarms are cancelled, PA system announces of “All Clear”.