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Our facial recognition solution is dramatically improving the healthcare industry.

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Extra Security Layer?

Face Recognition

Our technology offers to detect and identify individuals by scanning anyone entering the facility. Allows then compare each person to a list of flagged individuals. The technology can also be used  to identify individuals who might be drug seekers or individuals previously ejected whom  no longer allows to access the facility.

Our face recognition technology is applied to a video surveillance system across multiple  facilities, it can become a non-intrusive yet effective way to detect and identify suspicious people like those previously flagged or wanted by authorities, drug seekers, insurance imposters, and others.

Complete Control for Smarter Facilities

This is a system able to identify patients as well as medical specialists, while new visitors can be easily sorted into a separate category. In case a person is checked and identified as a potentially fraudulent individual, the facility’s security team will be able to mitigate the situation without drawing too much attention.

When it comes to healthcare, the reasons to adopt facial recognition have more life-changing implications. When clinical stakeholders hop on the next big thing, they put the business potential last and focus on the practical benefits for their staff and patients first.

Summing up, our facial recognition can become just the right technology to make the difference across the healthcare realm.


  • Restricted Zones Automated Control
  • Patient Identification in real time
  • Patient’s visit history
  • Personnel identification
  • Patients tracking
  • Fraud protection
  • Face control as an additional security layer
  • Search by photo
  • Staff identification and logging
  • HIPAA compliance, privacy, civil rights, bias and legality

Complete Control for Smarter Facilities


Facial recognition technology can be used to scan all visitors entering the facility to detect and identify individuals of interest to foster better security. It could be used to identify individuals and match them to a list of individuals who are known drug seekers or others who are no longer allowed access to the facility. Facial recognition can also ensure that unauthorized people do not gain access to restricted areas.


Facial recognition can track patients and others within a facility without the need for a physical tracking device. The system could identify whether a specific person should have access to certain floors or other restricted locations, or if they have wandered outside of their pre-defined ‘territory.’ This use case is especially relevant in nursing homes or assisted living facilities as a way of keeping patients safe.


Pairing facial recognition algorithms with cameras in patient rooms can also verify who is in the room before displaying patient health information on video screens. This use case could also activate specific activities such as turning on the charting dictation whenever a doctor enters the room.


CCFR is state-of-the-art face recognition software which identifies people in real time from multiple live cameras, spread at multiple locations, with one control panel. CCFR allows you to identify suspects, criminals, terrorists and basically anyone you have interest in. As its name suggests CCFR can displays and send alerts upon an identification. Our innovative face recognition software provides easy operation and quick deployment, which means you can be up and running and master the software very quickly.


CCFR is a face recognition software for healthcare facilities which identifies patients before they get medical treatment, in order to prevent costly medical errors in identification. The CCFR  starts recognizing patients when they arrive at the reception, and continues throughout the emergency room, hospital departments and in the lab. Cameras can be stationed at the reception, nurse’s desk and at the treatment cart. In addition, CCFR has a smartphone app which allows you to identify patients whenever necessary, conscious or unconscious. CCFR also allows you to fight fraud by making sure no one is impersonating in order to get medical treatment.

Further expand your system with ControlledCare Add-ons


Our complete suite of applications will ensure that your system is completely integrated, and all devices complement each other and work in unison. The add-ons allow your system to expand beyond a simple call bell system, to an automated, fully interactive and smart communication system.