New installations and Deployments

More beds are required on a constant basis, as our population is ageing, and will continue to age in the foreseeable future. How efficiently these seniors are taken care of will depend on the technology assisting you and your staff.


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A simple breakdown

How we can help

A new installation is like an open floor plan, your imagination is the only limit. With an incredible versatile Nurse Call System, as well as modular add-ons, Controlled Care can become your one and only service provider.

Technology at its finest.

How it works

The Nurse Call System is the core offering, but additional modules can be installed, deployed and configured remotely. For most offerings, site visits are no longer necessary.

  • Modular System Design
    Your system can be expanded at a moment’s notice.
  • Conform to government regulations
    Government regulations are here to stay. ControlledCare’s Event Mangement System allows you to conform to current and future regulations.
    Using your staff more efficiently and reducing staff fatigue can reduce turnover and training costs. You can use intelligent alarms and escalation processes that can increase productivity.
    Reporting allows you to verify all aspects of the nurse-patient interactions. From the time it took to respond to an alarm, to how many times each patient requires assistance.
  • Centralized Management System
    Manage all your geographically independent facilities from a single location.
  • Asset Tracking
    Dependable asset tracking allows facilities to have complete control of inventory.


A complete integration for all your communications allows you a simple, streamlined system.


A system that integrates the infrastructure into one system which offers facilities a single point of contact, control and management.

    A nurse call system designed to control and expand operations with a simple easy to use interface. [Read More]
    Assigning tedious tasks such as the nurse verifying the temperature of medicine fridges, to ensuring the daily walk around to verify the doors are locked can be mitigated by deploying an automation system. These type of recurring events can be automated with a simple few clicks. [Read More]
    There’s nothing more important than accountability and residents feeling secure. An enhanced surveillance system will allow staff to properly monitor the facility, with automated reports, notifications, and more. Supporting over 100 different brands of cameras. [Read More]
    Telephony is a large part of efficiently running facilities, and a robust system is necessary. A system that is expandable, feature rich and secure. [Read More]
    A high definition video buzzer allows for real-time video streams and safe access control. The video buzzer sends notifications with full video to desk phone, emails, or mobile. [Read More]


A simple installation is key to a well-developed system.