Legacy Nurse Call Systems

Many of today’s health institutions have deployed their communication systems in the early 80s or early 90s. These type of legacy systems no longer conform to today’s standards. Governments are auditing facilities, as it is considered that they pose a health risk to their patients.


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A simple breakdown

How we can help

You have already invested in a fully compliant nurse call system. The system works perfectly well for it’s intended purpose. But recent regulations are forcing you to change the system. Our solution covers the recent requirements set forth, without needing to replace your existing hardware.

Technology at its finest.

How it works

Controlled Care’s Controller is directly connected to the current Nurse Call System and converts the analogue signals to digital. Using the data sent by the controller we can integrate ControlledCare’s Event Management System. You can then enjoy all the benefits while being compliant with all government regulations.

  • Maintain Your Existing Infrastructure
    ControlledCare’s Controller allows you to keep your working nurse call system without the expense of replacing any hardware. This translates into immense cost savings to facility owners.
  • Conform to government regulations
    Government regulations are here to stay. ControlledCare’s Event Mangement System allows you to conform to all regulations.
    Using your staff more efficiently and reducing staff fatigue can reduce turnover and training costs. You can use intelligent alarms and escalation processes that can increase productivity.
    Reporting allows you to verify all aspects of the nurse-patient interactions. From the time it took to respond to an alarm, to how many times each patient requires assistance.
    Installing a new system in an operational facility is a logistics and monetary nightmare. Having to shut down sections for weeks or even months at a time. ControlledCare’s system is installed with no downtime, nor an impact to operations.


Using ControlledCare’s Event Management System allows you to enjoy all the features the system has to offer.

Compatible Systems

ControlledCare’s system works with many of the top vendors deployed throughout North America and Europe. Your system is not on the list? Contact us.


How is ControlledCare able to adapt to all existing nurse call systems? See the flow-chart of a simple installation.