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To start, we set goals for the what we believed would concern Managers

Our Design Considerations

Our goal was to use top-rated reliable hardware but still save thousands of dollars with adaptive technologies. And we needed to create intuitive and clear interfaces for non-technical users.

Managers need access to specific information and access from multiple locations

The Manager’s Interfaces

  1. Web-based interface for access from home or office
  2. Desktop administration menu
  3. Tablet and Mobile Phone access

Functions for Managers

  • Operational Accountability
    Generate reports such as:

    • Response time performance
    • Workload based on alarms
    • Resources Utilization- who uses the staff and facilities and how much
  • Management Notifications
    • The system can provide multiple conditional responses for management, in parallel to its primary functions. For example: Notify management whenever a specific event occurs.
  • Government Compliance
    • Several new regulations for logging and reporting are coming soon. Compliance will be mandatory and your new system will do it all.
  • Liability Protection
    • All events and responses are logged. Concerns about the level of care can now be answered with detailed reports on any patient/resident or past event
  • Management Metrics
    • Reports can include information such as: devices triggered, duration of alarm, duration of call, time of response, and more. For example: Generate reports for any response time greater than 1 minute. Compare that performance to any other periods.


In the past, installation of new equipment was a dreaded process of disruptions, added risk to residents, huge capital costs, staff overtime, frustration and complaints from everyone.

ControlledCare installations are different. Our Installation Section explains how.

“[ControlledCare staff] are willing tackle any challenge and ensure satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with product and customer service. Highly recommended for any organization who is in need of upgrading their IT infrastructure.”

Phil Ciapanna, Manager of Quality,Performance & Projects,

St Joseph Lifecare Centre, Brantford, Ontario

Your Benefits

  • Operating Cost Reductions
    • A review of the Caregiver and IT/Maintenance Experiences will show the numerous ways that ControlledCare’s system will save staff time and improve efficiency.
    • If you are still using traditional phone lines, we can save you thousands and provide many additional features.
  • Revenue Protection and/or Increases
    • We require little or no change to residents’ rooms so occupancy rates are maintained throughout the upgrade. Do your residents rent phone services from outside suppliers? We can turn that into added revenue for you.
  • Much Lower Capital Costs
    • Don’t let vendors with proprietary equipment convince you to rip-and-replace. New digital technology has made that unnecessary. ControlledCare can provide the same results at far lower cost.
  • Installations are a Breeze
    • We’ve said it before but it bears repeatingSee the INSTALLATIONS section
  • Upgradeable
    • Future regulatory requirements won’t be a problem once your ControlledCare System is in place.

Find Out for Yourself

There are two steps to investigate what we can do for your facility

1. Confirm our technical abilities… (this step is optional)

  • Send your IT staff to check us out (Toronto)
  • Ask for a demonstration
  • Speak to a client (please respect their time and ask us first)

2. Get a firm quote for your own facility – Call 800-792-7137