Patient Voice and Alarm stations 

The Voice Station unit is designed to seamlessly integrate with all existing IP PBX systems buy using SIP open standard.

This station provides instant two-way speech between resident and nurse/aid.

Some of the key benefits of the station are:

Both voice and regular alarm activation on the push button pressed.
Built in escalation to any telephone(s) both inside and outside the facility.
Multiple call points incorporating traditional nurse call with new technology.

Using auto-provisioning and can be individually configured as a separate unit
to allow for the special care needs of a particular resident.

Simple installation




A typical Emergency Routine

  • Alarm and a voice call are activated via a push of a button.

  • Emergency calls are delivered immediately with critical information and location.

  • Based on predefined zones and rules, lockdown can be activated if is required.

  • Lights flash specific colours indicating to emergency personnel the location of the alarm.

  • Instant two-way communication and notification on the alarm panel

  • Custom messages are dissplayed on TVs, Monitors or other connected panels.

  • Phones display the location of the originated call and alarm mode.

  • Once emergency personnel clear the area, alarms are cancelled, PA system announces deactivation status.

Available Actions:

  • Automatically activate alarm monitoring service
  • Direct staff-to-resident two-way communication
  • Multiple informational menu options
  • Emergency notifications via email call and/or text messages
  • Automated pre-recorded announcements/instructions over paging system
  • Alarm system and emergency system triggering
  • Customizable escalation calls
  • Prioritize and manage their responses to alerts
  • Alarm Activation on the Live Panel
  • PA mass notification alert
  • Auto-answer and audio barging
  • Hunt group calls
  • Alarm Monitoring security Panel armed
  • Surveillance event notification and broadcast
  • Push notifications to the third party applications

Patient Voice Station comes with the blinking LED for the Alarm activated status, and gives visual confirmation when alarm is activated and when is deactivated. It is also reflecting staff presence status.