Pendant & Wearables: Compact – CCBTN  series

The ControlledCare compact pendant can be used as a panic button, personal emergency response, or other remote push-button applications. When the button is pressed, a predefined alarm, event, or action is generated. The location is also sent alongside the alert in order for quick and reliable emergency response.

All wireless signals are encrypted for added security and privacy.

The built-in standard lithium batteries allow for up to 3 years of uninterruptible operation.

The buttons are spill-proof as well as waterproof with an IP rating of IP64 for the user-replaceable battery version, and an IP68 for the disposable version.

Due to its small size and weight, the button can be configured in pendants, watches, wall-mounted or desk mounting options.

  • Simple Deployment

    Does not require configuration, calibration or programming.

  • Location Detection

    Alarms include the physical location of the button.

  • Long Battery Life

    Expected  battery life* is from 1 to 3 years

  • Waterproof and Impact Resistant

    Buttons are suited up to IP68 water immersion and impact.

  • Internal Antenna

    Fully integrated internal embedded antenna

  • Auto Error reporting

    Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages

  • Standard batteries

    Standard lithium battery and does not require charging.