Voice Emergency stations with direct 911 and/or Emergency Call Button

Public Emergency Stations are a common installation in schools, public areas, companies, at tram stops, in parking garages and at the ski lift. The telephone technology enables direct calls to the emergency response center, the firefighters or the police.

The emergency call stations are equipped with a heating resistor and an anti-condensation system. The middle part of the microphone units can be designed in different colors on request.

Calls are connected via Voice over IP (VoIP) using the SIP standard inside the connected Ethernet LAN, either by means of a telephone system featuring SIP, an SIP provider or via direct dialing. A simple web browser is used to implement device configuration and software updates, power is supplied via the Ethernet (PoE).

Simple installation




A typical Emergency Routine

  • Alarm and a voice call are activated via a push of a button.

  • Emergency calls are delivered immediately with critical information and location.

  • Based on predefined zones and rules, lockdown can be activated if is required.

  • Lights flash specific colours indicating to emergency personnel the location of the alarm.

  • Instant two-way communication and notification on the alarm panel

  • Custom messages are dissplayed on TVs, Monitors or other connected panels.

  • Phones display the location of the originated call and alarm mode.

  • Once emergency personnel clear the area, alarms are cancelled, PA system announces deactivation status.

Available Actions:

  • Automatically activate alarm monitoring service
  • Direct Dialing to 911 service
  • Direct Dialing to the local emergency department
  • Emergency notifications via email call and/or text messages
  • Automated pre-recorded announcements/instructions over paging system
  • Alarm system and emergency system triggering
  • Customizable escalation rules
  • Strobes Light Up Inside and Outside
  • Alarm Activation on the Live Panel
  • PA mass notification alert
  • Public Display Monitors Change
  • Phone System calls to predefined numbers, groups, cell phones
  • Alarm Monitoring security Panel armed
  • Surveillance event notification and video broadcast
  • Push notifications to the third party applications

Emergency buttons comes with the tamper proof and self alarm enclosure. Capable to utilize existing fire alarm system, access control,  bells, mobiles and any third party components of your choice.