If you want to see how the old Nurse Call Station can be replaced with a Nurse Communication System, this is your page.


Our Design Considerations

We know on what side our bread is buttered. It’s not called an IT Call Station or a Management Call Station. As a Nurse, the system must, first and foremost, meet all your needs. We worked hard to ensure that it does … and frankly, you scare us. What with the needles, the drugs, the high voltage paddles and the machine that goes ‘ping’, we’re not taking any chance of making you unhappy.

The Nurse’s Interfaces

Since nurses rarely stay in one place for long, we gave the system full mobility and multi-display capabilities.

a. Mobile Phones
b. Hand-held Tablets
c. Desktop Computers
d. Wall-mounted Screens
e. Wireless Handsets


Some Key Features

  1. Easy to read graphic displays
  2. Wireless communications to all devices
  3. Simultaneous notification to all devices
  4. Transfers and/or escalations from any device
  5. Alarms are recorded for safety and accountability


In the past, installation of new equipment was a dreaded process of disruptions, extra work, complaints, new learning curves, and frustration all around.

ControlledCare installations are different. Our Installation Section explains how.

Your Benefits

  • Informative Alarms

    Easy to see, button-specific room alarms

    Optional audio alerts (eg. “Alarm coming from Room number 203”)

    Alarm notifications can include residents’ photos for visual confirmation.

  • Reduced Alarm Fatigue

    Pre-planned escalation protocols eliminate multiple alarms And If a caregiver is busy, pressing the Do Not Disturb button on their phone will notify others to respond

  • Simplicity and Accuracy

    Visual Alerts are easier and faster to understand

  • Patient Accountability

    Caregivers can easily identify frequent users. And because all calls are registered, there are no more debates about over-use of alarms.

  • Complete Mobility

    You are no longer tethered to a ‘station’, saving you many steps and a lot of energy.