CCVRT Signaling Converter

This controller is designed to convert signaling from COM port, RS232, TAP etc. to the latest available standard in JSON/GET/POST URL format.
Allowing it to integrate to modern third-party application.
The CCVRT signaling converter works as a transparent layer with an existing legacy Nurse Call System by reading the activity via Serial Port Communication without causing any service disruptions.
Compatible with nearly all Nurse Call System manufacturer such as Rauland Borg, Dukane, General Electric, Maxivox, Jeron, Mircon, TekTone, Cornell,  etc.

Also supporting Fire Alarm Panels, Security Panels, PERS and many others.


  • Messaging and emergency Calls

    Can now add and manage messaging, paging, internal or external calls and mobile devices

  • Surveillance and card access

    Can detect door access events, surveillance alerts, CCTV motion or analytic events

  • Compatibility mode

    Can handle at the same time many different systems and operate simultaneously