Room Quality Control

The demand for detecting air quality is increasing across health care facilities recently. Good quality air in the room, comfortable temperature and humidity is important part for better patient care services.
Our Room Controller using air quality sensor and is capable of detecting 0.5 µm particles. Is measuring room humidity level and temperature. Also is equipped with the light sensor, motion sensor, carbon-dioxide detector, human presence and can be used to automatically calculate dew point and wet bulb

  • Allergies Concerns

    Patients affected by different Allergens / Particulates are sensitive to environmental room quality

  • Asthma affected

    Patients who suffering from asthma, are very sensitive to room air quality

  • Dust mites

    Very many patients with the respiratory issues are sensitive to dust level in room

  • Chemicals smell

    Many patients feel bad after strong smell of chemicals or evaporations.

  • Human Presence

    Is used to detect human presence in the room, to capture escapes, increase monitoring.

  • Temperature and humidity

    Constant measuring increase comfort and safety in the patient room

  • Motion and Light

    Detecting patient activity and light in the room

  • CO2 Gas sensor

    Room Controller is sensitive to the carbon dioxide gas and keeps patient in safe status

  • Noise level in Room

    Some patients with sleeping issues are sensitive to noise level in the room