CCMTRL Mini I/O controller

CCMTRL controller is a wireless version of the Digital I/O controller.

When the Input is triggered it is able to generate an alarm event or action.  Alarms are sent by push event meaning no alarm is ever missed or lost. When Incoming event is received, depending on the response structure, one or multiple Digital Outputs can go On/Off.



  • Additional layer for existing alarm systems, access control or legacy call bells
  • Extend lighting control
  • Door access reporting

Technical Specifications:

  • Built-in Web Server for easy access and configuration
  • 500,000-1,500,000+ transmissions on a single battery
  • 4-12-year battery life depending on usage
  • User replaceable battery (Li-Io 18650)
  • Fully integrated internal antenna
  • Automatic low battery reporting and supervisory reporting
  • Automatic Wake-Up for Presence mode
  • Automatic error reporting through supervisory messages
  • Zero Hang-Off feature over the capable WiFi network
  • Compatible with standard technologies available on the market
  • Triggers I/O over standard HTTP protocol